Feeding the Antelope Valley

These are unprecedented times in the 30 year history of Grace Resources. Due to the #COVID19 crisis the need for food in our community has never been greater. We need your help to feed seniors, the homeless and struggling families! Would you please consider making a financial donation today?

How Your donations help

$25 feeds a family of 4 for 2 weeks.

$2.79 will serve a homeless person a hot meal.

$30 feeds 10 homeless persons a hot meal

$300 feeds 107 homeless persons a hot meal

95 cents will feed a sheltered in place senior for a week.

$1000 will buy a semi-truck full of food.

$500 will buy half of a semi-truck of food.

$259 will buy a quarter of a semi-truck full of food.

400 boxes/day of food delivered to Seniors and impoverished families in the City of Lancaster as a part of Project Door Drop.

1000 bags of groceries delivered per month to Senior Living Facilities as part of our Older Adult Expansion Program in partnership with the LA Regional Food Bank.

300,000 Lbs of food since March 15th from LA Regional Food Bank and Children’s Hunger Fund that have been distributed throughout the Antelope Valley.

Averaging 325 Hot meals per week to go for our homeless friends.

Grace Resources provides may other services in addition to food. Diapers, wipes, formula, hygiene kit, and more.



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