Power Class


This 9-week course will take you on a journey designed to prepare you with life management skills, job and college readiness all built upon a proven Biblical foundation that guarantees success to those who follow these precepts.

Discover the boundaries that protect, nourish, and inspire you. Know the difference between productive and destructive life choices. Get organized and discover exciting concepts in budgeting time and money so that you can reach your goals and even embrace and achieve your dreams! Find those things that inspire you, and learn how to use them responsibly and effectively for a more fulfilling life.

Discover how to make anger work for you, and not against you, understanding its purpose and discover how it affects your health both mentally and physically.Do you know your value as a person? Would you like to know? We can show you how every human being possesses an immeasurable value, help you accept and embrace that concept, and how to love others, even the most difficult people in your life! Don’t miss this chance!

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